Living Your Dream List: Write It Down. Save Your Money. Go Do It.

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“If there’s anything you really want to do, write it down, save your money, and go do it; because just yesterday, I was a teenager!” These are the words of my father to me on his death-bed in October 2011. He was 79 years old, and very aware that his final day in this world was swiftly approaching. I was age 48. He spoke candidly about his faith, confidently about going to heaven soon, and about making sure his bills were paid. A few days later, dad was gone. After speaking at his funeral service, I went home and began thinking about his statement. I made a “dream list,” more …

7 Reasons to Cultivate an Online Presence

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In recent years the church I pastor has invested extra time, energy, staff, and money to improve and increase our internet and social media presence. I have often wondered if our investment was working. After receiving this message via Facebook page yesterday, I have no doubt! Here’s a slightly edited version of it:

“Hello Friends! Today was my 1st day at Midway Church. I have been following Pastor Todd online, since Oct. 2013. Today changed my life in the most amazing ways…”

Todd and Rex Pair

Giving Thanks to God for People Who Make You Better

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Today I give God thanks for, and commemorate the friendship and ministry partnership of Rex Pair, who passed away Sunday, June 5, 2016 at the age of 52. He fought stage 4 lung cancer valiantly and relentlessly since his diagnosis September 2013. Rex served as my Executive Pastor at Midway Church for the last 12 years, from July 2004 until his passing. As Executive Pastor he assisted me

The Power of Eating Grits and Training Leaders

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I’ve been eating grits for breakfast almost every day since I was a kid. Grits were likely among the first solid foods I ate as a baby! I can confidently say, “I LOVE grits!” But until my recent visit to Zimbabwe to train pastors and church leaders February 27-March 5, 2016, I have never had grits three times every day! Yea that’s right. Grits for breakfast! Grits for lunch! Grits for supper! As much as I love grits, having them three times each day was a real stretch for my spoiled palate! I was there to invest in forty-two Pastors and church leaders from several denominations. They ranged in age ...