100 Days to 50: Day 78 – The Most Influential Women in My Life

3. Lisa Joy Wright, My Wife

We grew up on the same road, less than a mile apart. We rode the same school bus. We’ve been in a relationship since I was age 16 and she was 14. We married when I was 18 and she was 16.  She continues to amaze me and inspire me. For almost 32 years she has believed in and followed my many dreams: Dreams of being a successful pastor, missionary, father, seminary graduate, coon-hunter, cowboy, rancher, writer, leader, golfer, real-estate investor; and most recently-entrepreneur, as we turned “The Wright Farm” into an Event Center for weddings, corporate events, and family gatherings. She has been my constant cheerleader and partner through each dream. Her two dreams in life have been to be an excellent wife to me and an excellent mom to our two daughters. She excels in both! My dreams are a reality because of her! She adds value to my life daily!

I would say that she is the most industrious woman I know, but I must broaden the statement to say she is the most industrious HUMAN I know. I’ve never met a man who can “out work” her! She loves to work! If anyone doubts my statement, they should work with her for one week. Of course, they would need another week for recovery! LOL! She keeps a perfectly clean house-ALL the time, even when the girls were small! She “makes the bed” almost before I can get out of it! She washes, dries, folds, and organizes all of our clothes. While I often cook, she washes ALL of the dishes, and always has done so. She manages 15 investment properties and tenants, 12 of which are in Alabama, almost two hours away. She often goes there twice in the same week to work. She helps do the physical labor on the farm, serving as my partner to build/repair fences, bale hay, bush-hog pastures, feed horses, and pull calves. Through it all, she doesn’t whine, and she doesn’t like “whiney” people!

In her church life, she has always found a place to serve, even while raising our kids. She helped me manage and operate five bus routes in the early years, visiting door to door with me EVERY Saturday. She has served in the pre-school, children, or middle school departments, or served as a hostess or greeter.

Lisa also provides the beauty in my life. Through the years we have lived in nine different homes including a one-bedroom garage apartment and a singlewide mobile home, and she has been grateful and decorated all of them with pride, joy, and love. Within the first week, she turned them into a place called home! Besides all of that, her very presence is Beauty incarnate!

She is the love of my life!

Most of my dreams would never have come true without her!

The few dreams I might have reached without her would feel hollow!

She continues to believe in me!

She has taught me to be self-motivated everyday! If I’m not, she is sure to help me get that way!!! LOL!

I’m thankful!

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