5 Reasons Why I Started This Blog Now

I’m technically slow!  Always have been. Just six years ago someone else checked my email, and I dictated my responses. There is NO modern-day technology that I truly love. I’d much rather be bucked off a young horse, or build a fence in the hot sun or freezing cold than set up a new smartphone or TV service! I love simple! Grass. Cattle. Horses. Wind. Rain. Sunrise. Sunset. I’m a cowboy at heart!

I remember 2003, the first time my good friend, Marty Duren, said he was blogging. I didn’t want to appear stupid, but I had no idea what he was talking about. I had NEVER heard the word. I’m still cynical about much of the content, divisiveness, and rancor that I see on various blogs. Much of it seems unhealthy and unnecessary.

So why did I start this blog? Why now?

  1. Re-connect I have been so laser focused on my awesome family, farm life, and the church I’ve led for the last 16 years; I have become isolated from much of the body of Christ. I have accepted few speaking engagements in recent years. It’s time for me to reconnect.
  2. Re-gear After 30 years of great marriage, and raising two amazing daughters, Lisa and I are now empty nesters and adjusting well; both of our daughters were married last year. It’s a great time to proactively fill the gap, and broaden our influence.
  3. Reflect I am nearing the age of 50, and I am thinking much deeper about life, reflecting and evaluating more, and planning the next phase. Many people struggle during the transitions of life. I can add value and confidence to their journey as I share from my own.
  4. Re-invest I have led Midway Church through a major cultural shift from a single race of 200 attendees to a multi-racial church of over 2000 attendees and 3400 members. Our average age has been lowered from 58 to age 34. In the process, I have learned a few things about transformational change that can add great value to other leaders in the church and corporate world.
  5. Re-vision I believe I still have several good years of pastoral leadership left, and God continues to give me great vision and passion to lead Midway Church; however, my vision also includes a broader group. I want to do a better job of chronicling the next phase of life and intentionally investing in others.

I am more aware than ever that my life is a journey that is closer to its end than beginning. I’ve been greatly blessed and successful, but I want to finish well. I want to approach life after 50 with intentional purpose. Intentionally leading “ME” into the future is my biggest challenge!  Blogging is a tool to help me do all of these things. It’s a stretch, but I plan to enjoy the ride!

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Todd Wright