100 Days to 50: Day 80 – The Most Influential Women in My Life

1. Villa Dean Wright, My Mom

At the top of my list of most influential/inspirational women, is my mom. My mom was my first experience with the human race! What a gift to a newborn! She birthed me, held me, fed me, cleaned me, dressed me, hugged me, spanked me, read to me, taught me, encouraged me, challenged me, played with me, laughed with me, cried with me, cheered me, and inspired me. She had the most amazing heart of mercy and love I’ve ever known, and she lived her life giving it away. The more of it she gave, the more her heart of love grew! She possessed a calm strength that was deeper and stronger than most people perceived.

She was faithful to my dad for 54 years when death separated them. She helped dad start his business while, at the same time, raising four small boys. On Sundays she cooked a FULL breakfast (No cereal for her kids), and Sunday Dinner BEFORE Church every week. (She knew we would be hungry after church!) Then she had us dressed nicely and at church ON TIME EVERY Sunday so she could teach Sunday School and sing in the choir. She was ALWAYS dependable, a solid rock I could lean on in this life.

For many years we talked by phone every Sunday morning. I still hear her say, “I’m praying for you sonny boy! Preach a good one!” If she was in the audience, I received another call after church to hear her say, “Sonny boy that sure was a fine sermon! I don’t know how you do it, but every week keeps getting better. God has really blessed you! I don’t think it’s just because you’re my son (LOL), but I really believe you’re the best preacher I’ve ever heard!” I miss those calls! Her voice and influence was massive! She passed away just four months ago, and my emotions are still raw and sensitive to the loss; but my heart is much kinder toward humanity because of the influence of hers! We will embrace again.

She taught me how to love people! All of them!

She taught me that God is trustworthy, no matter what!

She taught me to always smile and be friendly!

She taught me the value of goodness and kindness!

I’m thankful!

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