Hi. I’m Todd Wright. On some days I’m a pastor trapped inside of a cowboy, and on other days a cowboy trapped inside of a pastor. Life is often tough and leadership is a challenge, so I live each day trying to keep life in focus, and helping others do the same.

For almost 30 years, my primary platform for leadership has been in the complex world of church life. I’ve lost all of my hair in the process, but it has been worth the journey. I have learned much I can share with others, and have prepared Midway Church, the historic organization I’ve led since 1996, to embrace the future with passion and purpose.

I’m #3 of four brothers raised by two awesome hardworking parents in small-town America. My wife, Lisa, and I rode the school bus together as kids, and we have two married daughters. We have a cattle and horse farm, and Lisa manages our investment properties to help prepare for our financial future.

This is my personal blog. Its primary focus is Intentional Visionary Leadership. Whether in church, family or business, I believe life and leadership should be intentionally and strategically planned with “the end” in mind. As a son, husband, father, pastor, and leader I have been greatly impacted by this guiding principle. Most of my writings emphasize this through the general categories of Life, Leadership, and Legacy. My ultimate goal is to add value to others through the gifts, abilities, and experiences that God has entrusted to me.

My goal is to provide simple and relevant insights to help you live and lead successfully, whether in the home, the church, or business world, and then to finish your race well. Whatever your successes or failures in the past, yesterday ended last night, and a new day has dawned! If you dream of a better future, this blog is for you!

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