Alfred William Wright

100 Days to 50: Day 100 – The Most Influential Men in My Life

As part of my “100 Days to 50” journey, I will be covering the ten most influential men in my life thus far.  Today, I will be starting with the one man who has been the MOST influential in my life, my dad.

1.  Alfred William Wright, Father

My dad was the most influential man in my life for 48 years until his death, October 31, 2013. My earliest childhood memories of him include me crying to go with him as he left to go to work at the steel mill. I never understood why I couldn’t go to work with him. I always felt good in his presence. He seemed to be in charge of his life and ours. He was my first example of a leader.  Here are four essentials to effective leadership that I learned from him.

He taught me to be Devoted.

He taught me to be Decisive.

He taught me to be Diligent.

He taught me to be Determined.

If dad was given a task, he took it to heart and delivered. During the most difficult of times he continued to push forward, providing for his family while leaning on his faith. He believed in hard work. He was devoted to his wife for 54 years, his business for 40 years, and his church life and family till his death. I can still hear him say certain phrases. “You can stand and look at a task all day, but that won’t get it done! ” “If your word don’t mean nothin’ then you ain’t nothin’!” His influence remains a powerful force in my life. I’m thankful!