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100 Days to 50: Day 100 – The Most Influential Men in My Life

As part of my “100 Days to 50” journey, I will be covering the ten most influential men in my life thus far.  Today, I will be starting with the one man who has been the MOST influential in my life, my dad.

1.  Alfred William Wright, Father

My dad was the most influential man in my life for 48 years until his death, October 31, 2013. My earliest childhood memories of him include me crying to go with him as he left to go to work at the steel mill. I never understood why I couldn’t go to work with him. I always felt good in his presence. He seemed to be in charge of his life and ours. He was my first example of a leader.  Here are four essentials to effective leadership that I learned from him.

He taught me to be Devoted.

He taught me to be Decisive.

He taught me to be Diligent.

He taught me to be Determined.

If dad was given a task, he took it to heart and delivered. During the most difficult of times he continued to push forward, providing for his family while leaning on his faith. He believed in hard work. He was devoted to his wife for 54 years, his business for 40 years, and his church life and family till his death. I can still hear him say certain phrases. “You can stand and look at a task all day, but that won’t get it done! ” “If your word don’t mean nothin’ then you ain’t nothin’!” His influence remains a powerful force in my life. I’m thankful!

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  1. Scott McClure

    my paternal father, Harley mcclure and my step father, Allen Wilburn are a 50/50 split in the area of being the most influential men in my life. They both had totally opposite personalities of one another and in that aspect, I have been so blessed to have two “Dads” that mentored me. Harley McClure, my paternal father, instilled all my early childhood values of respect, the love of a fatherand how we should not be ashamed to show our love for one another, the aspects of how a husband should treat his wife and how much Jesus Christ can completely transform a person in all aspects; visually, physically, spiritualy and mentally. the day my father gave his heart and life to Christ, it truly was a total transformation from a man one of the world to a man that strived to walk as closely to Christ as he possibly could. I had to give back what God had placed on loan to us, as my father went to his true home when he was 38 years old when he passed. I just praise God that I was able to have him for 38 years. My “other dad”, Allen Wilburn, stepped right in and continued with my spiritual growth where my dad left off. My stepfather Allen, however, wasn’t as affectionate as my real father was and that is something that we have had to teach him. I could not have asked for or picked out a better man than him for my mother to have fallen in love with, remarry and share companionship with and be the physical and spiritual leader of the family. Allen’s wisdom of Gods word and application and explanation of that wisdom has helped mold me to an understanding of the importance of keeping God first in my life ane teach ny kids the same importance of it. This aspect of my life has became more evident to me than ever before. God opened my spiritual eyes the other night and revealed to me how much dispair, depression, physical as well as mental sickness is a result of apostasy and the simple recognition and removal of a life of sin can instantly change an entire household. (Romans 1:18-32). God revealed to me not only had my sins nearly destroyed me but my family, as well, as our children learn by the simple act of exposure and not being mentored to strive to avoid sinful behavior as that behavior, if not corrected, will destroy them as well and as the spiritual leader of the house, I am held accounted for their destruction. All being said, had I not had God fearing parents that taught me the same, and had I not been placed under conviction for my sin, recognized why the conviction was revealed to me and not acted upon it, it would have led to my familes spiritual and physical destruction because they would have never known what right from wrong truly is and fully understand how to avoid sin and learn to repent of their sins and what it leads to if they continue to commit the same sins and let other foms of sin enter and cause even more destruction, hell eternal and not life eternal will be the outcome. Praise God for the fathers that love their families enough to teach that God is the true leader of the home and His law is what is to be taught, followed and thanks for the ability to know right from wrong and He be given Praise for discerning the differences.

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