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100 Days to 50: Day 55 – The Most Valuable Principles that Guide my Life

I am now 55 days away from the age of 50. I want to pause and thank you for sharing this segment of life with me as I celebrate, with gratitude, my first half century and prepare for the next season of life with wisdom. In the first 45 days of my 100 day countdown, I have highlighted the 10 most influential men, women, and books in my life. I have also posted several memorable moments and people throughout my journey. I will post some more of those later. I hope you have been inspired to reflect on your own life with fondness and gratitude.

Today I will begin posting The 15 Most Valuable Principles That Guide My Life. I hope you continue to enjoy this journey of reflection and evaluation with me, and will perhaps enter a time of reflection and evaluation of your own journey.

1. On the Character of God

God is wiser and better than I am! HIS plans are perfect. The sunrise, sunset, rain and rainbow are simple reminders of HIS goodness, wisdom, and brilliance. HE is perfectly wise, and perfectly good! HE is always trustworthy! No matter what! God wants me to succeed. HE created me on purpose and for purpose, therefore, HE understands what success looks like for me. If I “do life” HIS way, I succeed. If I don’t, I fail! I must trust HIM and HIS judgments, especially in things that are beyond my control. It’s called “faith”. I trust HIM with my life, my family, my future, and my eternity.

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