Ruth Jackson

100 Days to 50: Day 73 – The Most Influential Women in My Life

8. Ruth Jackson, An Honorable Lady and True Servant of Jesus Christ

I met her June 2, 1996 when I became the pastor of Midway Church. She was age 68. I was 31. As I’ve observed her life for almost 18 years, her constant service to others has inspired me greatly. She serves the sick, the dying, the bereaved, the poor, and the hopeless. She is selfless, caring, friendly, loving, sassy, and sometimes blunt. She’s earned the right to be! She’s been a devoted member of Midway Church for many years, and there are many babies she cared for in the preschool department who are now in their 40’s and 50’s. At 85 years old she still serves with our children! Her devotion shames the excuses and whines of others! Our children facility is named in her and her husband’s honor. Ruth and Lamar Jackson’s spiritual DNA is planted deeply within the roots of Midway Church, and it’s planted deeply in mine! They have been true partners in ministry! Midway Church is much better and more effective because of their influence! Lamar is in heaven with Jesus. Mrs. Ruth is still stuck here with me, and I’m so glad she’s still around! She continues to inspire me! I love her very much! I love the homemade Red Velvet Cake I get once each year for Christmas! I don’t share much of it! She said that was okay, she made it just for me! She adds depth and meaning to my life.

Mrs. Ruth inspires me to serve more faithfully!

I’m thankful!

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2 thoughts on “100 Days to 50: Day 73 – The Most Influential Women in My Life”

  1. Great post Pastor Todd. Thank you again for your insight and Word from the Lord @ the Beta Conference. Your teachings will be a great influence for the Kingdom within our men @ ISBC and our communities. Thanks for your passion for the Lord and His work.

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