Websters New World Dictionary

100 Days to 50: Day 89 – The Most Influential Books in My Life

2. My Webster’s New World Dictionary (1979)

I bought it at Floyd Junior College, Rome, GA in the autumn of 1981. It was my first semester of college. I planned on being a mechanical engineer, but my first courses included a reading comprehension class and an English class, both of which required the help of a dictionary (we had no computers). I had no idea at the time that my real purpose in life would be centered on words and language instead of numbers and mathematics. Every good communicator must become a master of words. Other than my Bible, I have used this dictionary more than any other book over the last 33 years. I still use it most every week in the preparation of sermons, speeches, blogs, and leadership training lessons. I know I can use tools from my laptop, and I have an updated dictionary, but I think I will continue to use my faithful and trusted friend! Why throw away a worn out friend? I’m thankful!

An updated version of “Webster’s New World Dictionary” can be found here!

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