Three Words and a Kiss: A new book from Todd Wright


"If you have ever known the joy of sitting on a front-porch in rural America listening to a witty and wise old sage, you're going to love Three Words and a Kiss. Author Todd Wright delivers vital lessons for effective self-leadership that will make you better, lessons you'll not soon forget. He dares us to dream because, as he says, "You can change the world with a great dream, but you can hardly change your socks without one." This is likely the best book you'll read this year!"

- Roger Alford, Editor, The Christian Index

Do you ever get frustrated that your teammates, spouse, kids, or employees are so difficult to lead? They just won’t cooperate! Well, I’ve learned the most difficult person we ever lead is ourselves. That’s why I’ve written my newest book- THREE WORDS AND A KISS: A Guide for Effective Self-Leadership! It’s simple, insightful, and entertaining! I will take you on an unforgettable journey back to simpler times in my childhood, growing up in Tallapoosa, Ga; times when I learned the most valued principles of life. Self-leadership is critical to your personal happiness and influence in the lives of the people you love the most. As you read this book, it’s likely you will reflect, laugh, and even cry, but most of all you will develop the desire and knowledge to improve your life and to finish well. It’s available in print, audio, or e-book at Amazon, Audible, and Kindle, or RIGHT HERE.

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