Todd, Kevin, & Anthony

100 Days to 50: Day 46 – The Most Valuable Principles that Guide my Life

10. On Relationships

Todd, Kevin, & Anthony
This is me with my two best childhood buddies, Anthony Ellis and Kevin Campbell, as we toured the Georgia State Capitol while in 4th grade. We stood in front of the big buffalo, and I’m sure dreamed of killing one of our own!

My relationships with friends and family are a great treasure to me, and they give my life meaning and depth. Good relationships are not automatic. They require hard work and must be nurtured with time, effort, energy, and good deeds. I must be proactive to invite friends and family to experience life with me on a regular basis. Most people don’t. I must take initiative to invest my energy in the relationship and add value and encouragement to their lives.Most people don’t. I can’t make someone be a friend. If it becomes obvious that someone no longer wants a mutual friendship, I must let them go and move on to someone else who might. I am responsible for half of every relationship in my life. I must make sure my half is the better half! Since my childhood I have been blessed with friends at different seasons who have added depth, joy, and meaning to my life. I’m grateful!


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