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100 Days to 50: Day 49 – The Most Valuable Principles that Guide my Life

7. On Respecting Others

All people are highly valued creations of God, and I choose to treat them as such. I will treat ALL people with dignity, love, and respect…no matter what! Yes, there are some people in life who have rotten attitudes or who choose to live immorally, and I cautiously avoid them as negative influences in my life. However, in my dealings with them I will still treat them with respect simply because of their Creator. When people are in my presence, regardless of their economic status, race, age, or education, I want them to feel like the special creation of God that they are.

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1 thought on “100 Days to 50: Day 49 – The Most Valuable Principles that Guide my Life”

  1. I was in Minnesotta this week and met a young lady named Emily Clare. She worked with your daughter Hannah at a boutique. She says you and your family walk the talk. I love this journey

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