Olivia with her dog Bubbie.

100 Days to 50: Day 74 – The Most Influential Women in My Life

7. Olivia Wright Long, My Youngest Daughter

She was born November 28, 1991. I was age 27. Born on Thanksgiving Day, we called her our Turkey Baby! She will soon be 23. She is uniquely gifted. She is caring, artistic, creative, loving, hilariously funny, carefree, and musical. She’s had a song in her heart almost constantly since she was 3 years old. She often doesn’t even know she’s singing out loud! Along with singing, she plays the guitar and piano. It’s a natural gift. She has an infectious and irresistible smile and personality that lights up any room. She loves deeply and naturally, and it shows: with her family, friends, faith, and animals. She is actually an animal magnate! Her degree in Special Education was a compliment to who she already was. She LOVES to bring joy to people, but especially those with special needs. It’s been inspiring to watch her grow into the strong and beautiful lady she is today. She adds value and brings great joy into my life and into the lives of the people around her. She desires to honor God with her life. I’m proud to call her my daughter! I couldn’t be more proud!

She has inspired me to focus on the future with intentionality!

She gives my life meaning!

I’m thankful!

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