John Maxwell and Me

100 Days to 50: Day 99 – The Most Influential Men in My Life

2. John C. Maxwell, Life and Leadership Coach

I had never heard his name until 1992, when a friend invited me to one of his first leadership seminars in Atlanta. I was 28 years old and way over my head, attempting to lead a large church and school with over 90 employees. In frustration and discouragement, I had just written my resignation as a pastor, and planned to read it to my church the next week. I postponed my resignation until after the seminar. I was looking for one last hope to hold on to. I found that hope as I learned basic leadership principles.

He taught me how to be confident without being arrogant.

He taught me how to think like a leader.

He taught me how to communicate vision.

He taught me the power of continual personal growth.


Over 20 years later I am continuing to grow under his influence, and last year I became certified as a John Maxwell Leadership and Life Coach Team Member. I’m a better leader because of his teaching and influence. I’m thankful!


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