How to Make Everyday “AMAZING”!

Majestic African Sunrise
Majestic African Sunrise
  1. When your feet hit the floor each morning, immediately have “smile practice”! Hundreds of people observe your facial expression, and at that very moment it adds a “plus” or a “minus” to their emotional account for the day. Your look of joy or misery is extremely powerful! Make sure your facial expression is always a “plus”!
  2. Say, “God, I’m amazed, grateful, and humbled that you love me, and I’m thankful for today!” It’s important each morning to intentionally set the stage for a grateful heart. “Every good and perfect gift comes from our Father who is in heaven.” Too often GOD gets our complaints for everything bad. Instead, make sure HE gets your “thanks” for everything good! Others throughout your day need to hear a kind “Thank You” as well!
  3. Remind yourself that today could be your last! It’s a possibility today, and some day it will be a fact. Too often we live today as if we are guaranteed tomorrow, and in doing so, we approach today without a sense of amazement, wonder, and purpose. In his book, “20,000 DAYS AND COUNTING” Robert D. Smith wisely challenges everyone to count our days up, and celebrate each one. Today I am celebrating 17,774 days! How many days have you been alive? Let’s have a party and celebrate- All Day today, and tomorrow, and…!
  4. Give someone a “standing ovation”! As a pastor, guest speaker, and leader, I have been blessed and honored by a standing ovation on many occasions. The process always humbles me, but there is always a moment of feeling “on top of the world special”! Most people in this world will never receive a standing ovation, although they work hard and perform with excellence each day. They add great value to your life, and you would miss them greatly tomorrow if this day were their last. You can be the person that gives them their first standing ovation. Let them know how special they are, and how your life is enriched because of theirs. Help someone every day feel “on top of the world special”!
  5. Know your daily purpose, and live it! Who are you? Why are you here? “My purpose in life is to honor my GOD and my family by inspiring and equipping people to live AMAZING lives!” This impacts the family I love, the church family I lead, the friends I enjoy, the community I live in, and the strangers I meet. It also impacts ME, and my relationship with Jesus Christ. HIS AMAZING LOVE is the foundation of every Amazing life. Just like each sunrise, sunset, and each day, He created you with a “WOW” in mind. So, live in the “WOW” now! You’ll be Amazed today, and so will the people around you!

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