My last book: Keeping Life in Focus

Keeping Life In Focus - 365 Motivational Minutes
A new book from todd wright

My newest book, Keeping Life in Focus is now available! It has 365 Motivational Minutes to help maximize your personal and spiritual success every day of the year! Each one adds healthy perspective to both secular and Christian audiences. I wrote each as a “talk” which I read and recorded for radio listeners each week in West Georgia and East Alabama over the last 8 years.

I am often asked, “What’s the best way to have a personal devotion time each day?” I had that question in mind as I wrote and laid out each page. Each day begins with a suggested scripture to read from your own Bible. Then there’s a thought-provoking segment with a question, story, and perspective from my own journey. Then practical and personal questions are asked to help you address needed improvement in your own life.

This book provides practical Bible based insights for leaders needing wisdom. Graduates needing guidance. Parents needing help. Single parents needing encouragement. Desperate people needing hope. Broken people needing healing. Vulnerable people needing a warning. Betrayed people needing clarity.

It is a great gift for your own soul, and for the people you love! At $20.00 per  copy, the price of a single steak dinner, it is food for your soul you will devour over and over again! Or a case of 20 autographed copies for $400 to give as gifts.

I’m Todd Wright, Helping you Keep Life in Focus!

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