Midway Church's 165th anniversary in 2012

100 Days to 50: Day 43 – The Most Valuable Principles that Guide My Life

13. On Generosity

I am naturally a self-centered and selfish person, just as all people. Generosity is the only cure. Generosity must be nurtured. In life there are givers and takers. These attitudes are choices that extend beyond a person’s nation, race, and economic status. Both are attitudes that can be found among the rich and the poor. Givers are a blessing to this world. Takers are a curse. A feeling of “entitlement,” that somebody “owes” me something because I’m breathing, is destructive. When I received my first official paycheck at the age of 15, my father emphasized to me the principle of tithing as we walked to church that Sunday. I began giving at least 10% of my income back to God through my church that day. I have never stopped. In some years my giving has exceeded 20% of my income. Generosity is a practice I have maintained since that time. Giving has become fun. I have also given to individuals and other causes I believe in. I will continue these practices as long as I live. Everything I have belongs to God, so I lose nothing when I give it away. I am simply giving what belongs to Him already. He continues to give back to me with generous hands! I choose to be a giver and I am attempting to develop a church of givers. I’m grateful!


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