Ronald Reagan

100 Days to 50: Day 41 – The Most Valuable Principles that Guide My Life

15. On Leadership

EVERYTHING rises or falls on leadership! Nations, States, communities, churches, schools, companies, businesses, and families become better when they have better leaders. There are five general skill sets essential for good leadership: People Skills, Thinking Skills, Organizing Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, and Leading Skills. Leaders inspire others to work hard to succeed. Leaders help remove obstacles so others can succeed and enjoy the fruits of their labors. Leaders take personal responsibility for their actions and encourage others to do the same. I continue to study to become a better leader. I mentor and train others to become better leaders. Some people think that all good leaders are “natural born” leaders. There was a time when I was not a good leader, and when I had no clue how to lead. Today I lead with confidence and effectiveness. Therefore, I know those who are eager can learn leadership skills and become better leaders. The future is worth my investment. If I lead well, those around will experience a better life.

Ronald Reagan was elected President when I was in the 10th grade. He inspired me to believe if I worked hard, I would be rewarded for my labor. My life was made better because of his leadership. I’m grateful for his leadership. I got a job at the age of 15 and have never been unemployed a single day since. His leadership helped set the stage for my thinking on personal responsibility, and my drive to succeed. I pray for our young adults, who can hardly find a job today, even after college and graduate school. Our problems are a leadership problem. I pray God will raise up a leader once again who will inspire and remove obstacles so Americans can work hard and succeed, rather than feeling hopeless!


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