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100 Days to 50: Day 53 – The Most Valuable Principles that Guide my Life

3. On Personal Growth

[pullquote cite=”‘Todd-ism'” type=”left, right”]If I always do what I’ve always done I will always get what I always got![/pullquote]Personal growth and change are required for improvement. During my childhood, other people took me through a learning process, grade by grade. My need for learning did not end when I graduated from High School, College, or Graduate School. As an adult I must continue to take myself through a learning process. I must lead myself to learn and grow daily so I can become better and wiser as I get older.  Growth and wisdom do not happen automatically. I must be a lifelong learner, or else I will become foolish and irrelevant, as I get older.

The picture above is me in first or second grade at Tallapoosa Elementary School in Tallapoosa, GA.

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