Rusty, Me, Rex, & Chad

100 Days to 50: Day 91 – The Most Influential Men in My Life

10. Chad Clifton, Rusty Greene, & Rex Pair, Ministry Partners and Friends

For the number 10 slot of most influential/inspirational men in my life, I must include three men. I have been blessed in the last few years with an amazing staff of pastors and support team. I’m thankful for each of them, but because of our unique journey, I have a special connection and appreciation for those who have served with me for many years: Chad Clifton-15 years, Rusty Green-14 years, and Rex Pair-10 years. We have been through a lot together, and it has not been easy. That’s a long time for anyone to work with me! Their hair is either gone or gray as a result! I must mention two difficult transitions in my life and how they helped me make the shift.

I hired Chad Clifton as one of my pastoral staff in January 1999. He was age 24. I hired Rusty Green as one of my pastoral staff in 2000. He was age 36, as was I. In 2003, when God began to open my eyes regarding the un-churched in our area and the mass lost-ness of the younger generation, it was Chad and Rusty who worked to help me understand the younger generation and develop ministry strategies that would connect with them. Loyally they walked with me through the implementation process, taking great criticism along the way. They are missional in their focus and devoted to excellence in their delivery. They continue to add great value to my life and ministry effectiveness. I’m thankful!

They taught me how to focus on the next generation.

They taught me loyalty even through great criticism. 

I hired Rex Pair as my Executive Pastor in July 2004. All of the changes in ministry that God was taking me through from 2003 were killing me! Ministry had become too complex and confusing in the midst of criticism, complaints, and managing people. I was struggling whether to leave Midway Church and go to a smaller, simple church, or find someone who could help carry the administrative and personnel load at Midway. Rex Pair brought sanity, structure, and strategy back into my life and ministry, which allowed me to stay at Midway Church. Rex became everything I needed and he has made it possible for me to be the leader I am today as Midway continues to flourish.

He taught me how to delegate and release responsibility to others.

He enabled me to focus on my strengths.

He brought strategic thinking to our team.

I’m thankful!

Join me tomorrow as I continue my 100 day journey to 50 years old, as I begin a list of the most influential books that have had a major impact on my life.  Hopefully, these same books will have an impact on you, too!


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