Three Indispensable Characteristics of the 2nd Lieutenant

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It was in 2004 that I came to a major crossroads in my leadership journey. It was not my first, and hasn’t been my last, but it was a big one! The growth of the church I had led since 1996 had exceeded my expectations…and my ability to lead in the same way I was accustomed. We had experienced an 18% annual growth rate, growing from 200 to over 1100 weekly worshippers in eight years. With the growth of my paid and volunteer teams I soon came to the realization I needed an Executive Pastor (2nd Lieutenant) to help. My other option was to resign my position and go to …

Leadership Longevity: Four Essential Practices – Love (Part 5 of 5)

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I began this series of posts by presenting four practices that have contributed to my leadership longevity and effectiveness. They are the result of deep reflection in my own journey. Thus far I have discussed the valuable practices of “listening, learning, and leading”. As I move to this final practice of “loving”, it may be the most valuable practice of all. It’s important because leadership is about a trustworthy relationship with people. It’s about helping people achieve their highest dreams. For most people their dreams begin with being a valued treasure to someone. It might be that an organization is transformed in the process. Leadership is volatile. Each decision a …

Leadership Longevity: Four Essential Practices – Lead (Part 4 of 5)

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It might seem ridiculous to say, but one of the main reasons many leaders do not last in an organization, is they won’t lead; thus the organization declines or barely remains existent. If it has a mission, few people in the organization are aware of it and fewer still work towards it. A farmer MUST farm, or there is no food. A teacher MUST teach, or there is no education. A leader MUST lead, or there is no organizational success! Many years ago I heard General Norman Schwarzkopf say, “When placed in leadership, LEAD!” I faced this truth the hard way! I was called to be the Lead Pastor of …

Leadership Longevity: Four Essential Practices – Learn (Part 3 of 5)

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Many leaders believe that increased age, experience, and tenure automatically equate to “learning”. Such a thought is delusional, and is much too common. If it were true, every old person, leader or not, would be a genius. It’s true that everyone gets experience, but not everyone learns from the experience they get. Frequent intense reflection, meditation, and “note-taking” about those experiences are absolutely essential. 1.    Reasons to Reflect. Deep reflection is essential in all transformational learning: experiential or academic.  Through it we are transformed as our newfound knowledge is repeated and