7 Reasons to Cultivate an Online Presence

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In recent years the church I pastor has invested extra time, energy, staff, and money to improve and increase our internet and social media presence. I have often wondered if our investment was working. After receiving this message via Facebook page yesterday, I have no doubt! Here’s a slightly edited version of it:

“Hello Friends! Today was my 1st day at Midway Church. I have been following Pastor Todd online, since Oct. 2013. Today changed my life in the most amazing ways…”

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Dean Wright

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Earlier this year, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer and many of you have heard me speak on what an amazing testimony to the Christian walk she was in life and especially so after receiving her diagnosis.  Momma went home to be with the Lord on Thursday, December 12.  She passed away at her home in Tallapoosa, Georgia, just …

Inspiration From the Words of My Dying Mom!

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I was in Germany, on my way to a speaking engagement in Belgium when I got the news. I knew mom had not been communicating clearly at times lately, sometimes forgetting basic details or getting people’s names confused. Some of it was understandable since she was in her 70’s. We passed it off as old age, maybe the beginning stages …

Four Reasons for Team Meetings

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Too often, team meetings feel like an intrusion into our “preferred” agenda rather than a productive and beneficial gathering of the team. Some people love them and others despise them, but team meetings are essential non the less.  Here’s why.   Because: 1. Vision Leaks. Andy Stanley has famously noted that vision leaks. No matter how powerful or captivating the …