Seven Essentials Leaders MUST Give Their Team Members

Zimbabwe Soccer Team
Our winning soccer team at a recent leadership conference in Zimbabwe!

If you lead a team, small or large, paid or volunteer, they need something from you. As the leader, there are actually seven things that you have to take responsibility to provide them, if you want a winning team.

1.    Credibility

Every team member needs credibility in order to succeed, and until it can be earned through effective performance the team leader must provide it.

2.    Clear Direction

Team members want to succeed, but they need clear direction and a description of what success looks like for them. Team leaders should never assume their team members know what to do or how to do it.

3.    Resources

Tools, money, and training is necessary for almost every task. Many years ago I was hired to do a job and challenged to do it with excellence, but my requests for funding the task were consistently rejected. The leader made no attempt to provide other solutions. I often wondered why they hired me.

4.    Alignment

The strengths and weaknesses of a team member identify their value to the team. Team leaders must be aware of how each team member can best contribute to and benefit the team. The leader is responsible to align and re-align them to build the best team possible.

5.    Regular Honest Feedback

Team members deserve regular, honest feedback and coaching. They need to know whether or not they are moving in the right direction.

6.    Loyalty and Mutual Respect

Team leaders MUST demonstrate loyalty and mutual respect toward every member of the team. This is especially important during times of conflict or failure. Team members need to KNOW their leader won’t “throw them under the bus” during difficult times.

7.    Reward

Reward is an essential component of human motivation, but people FEEL appreciated and rewarded through various ways and means. They range from a private or public “thank you”, a gift, a hand-written note, a privilege, a promotion, a salary increase, or a bonus.


Great teams have leaders who provide these things, and their team members love them for it!

What are some additional needs of team members?

4 thoughts on “Seven Essentials Leaders MUST Give Their Team Members”

  1. Boundaries to Break: Job descriptions are full of expectations, limits, and boundaries to stay within…and those things are definitely needed, but it is also great for the team to know that they can be creative and think out side of the box. This can be an actual list of items within the organization that needs remodeling or an overhaul…this allows the team to have a clear picture of what the leader wants to see, gets creative juices flowing, and can create positive discussion. This doesn’t have to be an actual list but can be a since of freedom within the team to know that they are allowed to go beyond the “normal” border.

    1. Chase, you are exactly right about creativity. It’s very important for team members to have the freedom to think outside the box and be creative. That environment takes some time to create, and such an environment is built around mutual trust and respect for differing ideas.

  2. Caroline Martin

    Good evening! I have visited Midway on the last 3 sunday’s, and I am very happy with the services, and plan on joining. My 25 year old son asked to speak to Rusty Greene this morning in reference to a counseling request, but Mr. Green did not show up. Is there an email or phone number for him?

  3. Great comments above! I would have one additional comment on clear direction. The addition of a shared VISION is a must for me and my teams. It’s not enough for them to know how but, why!
    Understanding and sharing the Vision is a great motivator for me and it generates enthusiasm among the team.

    I love being part of the Midway family!! Your leadership is clear and we all have a shared vision. Leading the lost to Jesus is our vision and your leadership is direct. Thanks for all you do to make Midway special!!!

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