Todd and Rex Pair

Giving Thanks to God for People Who Make You Better

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Today I give God thanks for, and commemorate the friendship and ministry partnership of Rex Pair, who passed away Sunday, June 5, 2016 at the age of 52. He fought stage 4 lung cancer valiantly and relentlessly since his diagnosis September 2013. Rex served as my Executive Pastor at Midway Church for the last 12 years, from July 2004 until his passing. As Executive Pastor he assisted me

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Dean Wright

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Earlier this year, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer and many of you have heard me speak on what an amazing testimony to the Christian walk she was in life and especially so after receiving her diagnosis.  Momma went home to be with the Lord on Thursday, December 12.  She passed away at her home in Tallapoosa, Georgia, just a couple hundred yards from where she was born.

Inspiration From the Words of My Dying Mom!

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I was in Germany, on my way to a speaking engagement in Belgium when I got the news. I knew mom had not been communicating clearly at times lately, sometimes forgetting basic details or getting people’s names confused. Some of it was understandable since she was in her 70’s. We passed it off as old age, maybe the beginning stages of dementia, or perhaps she had gotten her medications mixed up. No one considered the possibility of brain cancer! After talking with mom on the phone one night, an almost daily routine when I’m traveling, I knew her communication struggles had worsened; and I asked my daughters and nieces to …

5 Tips on “How to Die Well!”

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“It is a good day to die!” It seemed like a suicidal statement from the 33-year-old Lakota leader named Crazy Horse, as he prepared to go into battle with General Armstrong Custer at Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876. However, unlike Custer, Crazy Horse survived the battle to fight again. The famous statement, which illustrates the courage in which Crazy Horse faced death, can be un-nerving to contemporary mankind. However, it is evidence that we can face the end of our lives in this world with confidence. I have been inspired over the past year as I watched my father approach the end of his life, which finally came October …