Four Reasons for Team Meetings

business-meetingToo often, team meetings feel like an intrusion into our “preferred” agenda rather than a productive and beneficial gathering of the team. Some people love them and others despise them, but team meetings are essential non the less.  Here’s why.



1. Vision Leaks.

Andy Stanley has famously noted that vision leaks. No matter how powerful or captivating the vision, it must be talked about over and over, or even leaders themselves tend to lose focus and passion. The vision must be clearly seen before it can be done. “Teams” that don’t meet together often are better described as “different individuals working in the same building”!

2. The Team Needs to be Around the Team.

“People are people” regardless of the setting. People in businesses, churches, and families have differences and conflict. Team members need to share the victories, challenges and hurts while sitting in the same office or across the same lunch table from each other. These meetings serve as a reminder that no team member or department is the enemy of another, but they are fight TOGETHER against a common enemy.


3. Email does not Interpret Body Language.

In our day of distant communication through texting, email and social media, distance can turn into more than physical separation. Lack of face-to-face communication inhibits full communication because so much communication is non-verbal. (Every married man or woman knows this to be true!) Regardless of technological advancement, there will NEVER be a good substitute for face-to-face communication!


4. Relationship and Laughter are Essential to Team Survival and Success.

The writer of the proverb said, “A merry heart does good like medicine.” Some of our most beneficial team meetings are done at the bowling alley, lazar-tag maze, or in bumper cars. Hurt feelings, resentment, jealousy, and cynicism soon disappear amidst the laughter, gotcha’s, and “high-fives”. No successful business can be “all business”.


“People are people”, which means great relationships are essential to build great teams!


What are some other reasons to have team meetings?


What’s the most fun thing your team has done together to strengthen the team?

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