Pluses and Minuses of Delegation

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Pluses 1. It is physically, emotionally and spiritually impossible to do everything yourself. One of the cores of all good leadership is training up the next generation of leaders. By definition this means delegation must happen. There is no success without a successor. 2. Delegation allows every team member the opportunity to learn and excel. Each team member can operate in the realm of his or her strengths if the leader delegates accordingly. It also allows other team members the opportunity to develop and discover their own strengths and weaknesses. I have always been amazed by how many organizations require “experience” for various job openings, but very few organizations and …

Five Reasons to Keep Reading

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A good friend said to me recently, ”I wish I loved to read like you do.” I responded, “I don’t really love to read. I just don’t want to be dumb!” As a leader, I can’t afford to be! Too much is at stake, and too many people rely on my leadership! John Maxwell is known for saying, “Leaders are readers.” Here is why reading is important for every leader.   1. Because YOU cannot have all the best ideas. Good ideas are fine, but the best ideas are best. Trusting yourself to come up with the best ideas every time is foolish. I usually get my best ideas from other …

Four Reasons for Team Meetings

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Too often, team meetings feel like an intrusion into our “preferred” agenda rather than a productive and beneficial gathering of the team. Some people love them and others despise them, but team meetings are essential non the less.  Here’s why.   Because: 1. Vision Leaks. Andy Stanley has famously noted that vision leaks. No matter how powerful or captivating the vision, it must be talked about over and over, or even leaders themselves tend to lose focus and passion. The vision must be clearly seen before it can be done. “Teams” that don’t meet together often are better described as “different individuals working in the same building”!

Three Indispensable Characteristics of the 2nd Lieutenant

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It was in 2004 that I came to a major crossroads in my leadership journey. It was not my first, and hasn’t been my last, but it was a big one! The growth of the church I had led since 1996 had exceeded my expectations…and my ability to lead in the same way I was accustomed. We had experienced an 18% annual growth rate, growing from 200 to over 1100 weekly worshippers in eight years. With the growth of my paid and volunteer teams I soon came to the realization I needed an Executive Pastor (2nd Lieutenant) to help. My other option was to resign my position and go to …