Seven Essentials Leaders MUST Give Their Team Members

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If you lead a team, small or large, paid or volunteer, they need something from you. As the leader, there are actually seven things that you have to take responsibility to provide them, if you want a winning team. 1.    Credibility Every team member needs credibility in order to succeed, and until it can be earned through effective performance the team leader must provide it. 2.    Clear Direction Team members want to succeed, but they need clear direction and a description of what success looks like for them. Team leaders should never assume their team members know what to do or how to do it.

Conquering Conflict: An Essential Part of Leadership

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Leadership requires numerous people working together as a team, and such cases are likely to produce disagreement and conflict. Conflict is simply a fact of life, unless you’re the only person left on the planet. Even then, it’s likely you’d have an argument with yourself at some point! All conflict results from violated expectations, but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. It can serve as a tool to deepen our understanding of others and ourselves. The end result can add great strength and depth to the relationships involved. It’s worth the effort to resolve it. So when you find yourself in a conflict with someone, don’t be …

“Whose Back is the Monkey On?”: The MOST Valuable Management Principle I’ve Ever Learned!

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“Call (text, email, message) me this week and…” We respond, “Yeah, sure, I’ll give you a call.” This is a regular conversation for all leaders and managers. For some, it happens scores of times in a day. We have good intentions, but we often forget and never deliver the call we committed to. At that moment we loose credibility and are surprised to discover that our reputation is less than stellar! I remember it clearly. I was in my 20’s and found myself trying to manage the different compartments of a complex life in a struggling multi-dimensional organization. I played numerous roles and wore many hats! (Pastor, President, Change Strategist, …

Leadership Longevity: Four Essential Practices – Love (Part 5 of 5)

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I began this series of posts by presenting four practices that have contributed to my leadership longevity and effectiveness. They are the result of deep reflection in my own journey. Thus far I have discussed the valuable practices of “listening, learning, and leading”. As I move to this final practice of “loving”, it may be the most valuable practice of all. It’s important because leadership is about a trustworthy relationship with people. It’s about helping people achieve their highest dreams. For most people their dreams begin with being a valued treasure to someone. It might be that an organization is transformed in the process. Leadership is volatile. Each decision a …