How to Make Everyday “AMAZING”!

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When your feet hit the floor each morning, immediately have “smile practice”! Hundreds of people observe your facial expression, and at that very moment it adds a “plus” or a “minus” to their emotional account for the day. Your look of joy or misery is extremely powerful! Make sure your facial expression is always a “plus”! Say, “God, I’m amazed, grateful, and humbled that you love me, and I’m thankful for today!” It’s important each morning to intentionally set the stage for a grateful heart. “Every good and perfect gift comes from our Father who is in heaven.” Too often GOD gets our complaints for everything bad. Instead, make sure …

5 Tips on “How to Die Well!”

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“It is a good day to die!” It seemed like a suicidal statement from the 33-year-old Lakota leader named Crazy Horse, as he prepared to go into battle with General Armstrong Custer at Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876. However, unlike Custer, Crazy Horse survived the battle to fight again. The famous statement, which illustrates the courage in which Crazy Horse faced death, can be un-nerving to contemporary mankind. However, it is evidence that we can face the end of our lives in this world with confidence. I have been inspired over the past year as I watched my father approach the end of his life, which finally came October …

Seven Essentials Leaders MUST Give Their Team Members

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If you lead a team, small or large, paid or volunteer, they need something from you. As the leader, there are actually seven things that you have to take responsibility to provide them, if you want a winning team. 1.    Credibility Every team member needs credibility in order to succeed, and until it can be earned through effective performance the team leader must provide it. 2.    Clear Direction Team members want to succeed, but they need clear direction and a description of what success looks like for them. Team leaders should never assume their team members know what to do or how to do it.

Conquering Conflict: An Essential Part of Leadership

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Leadership requires numerous people working together as a team, and such cases are likely to produce disagreement and conflict. Conflict is simply a fact of life, unless you’re the only person left on the planet. Even then, it’s likely you’d have an argument with yourself at some point! All conflict results from violated expectations, but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. It can serve as a tool to deepen our understanding of others and ourselves. The end result can add great strength and depth to the relationships involved. It’s worth the effort to resolve it. So when you find yourself in a conflict with someone, don’t be …